Sébastien is an experienced virtual reality cameraman, and 360 motion controlled platform operator. He has worked with most VR camera systems out there. He assured the successful capture of high profile projects such as the VR feature Le Musk (dir. by A.R. Rahman), Best Raindance VR film 7 Miracles (dir. by Rodrigo Cerqueira), and Hollywood studios VR experiences such as Pacific Rim, It, SWAT, The Exorcist and the Hulu VR Series On Stage.

    Sébastien was raised in Paris, France. He earned a bachelor's degree in film at the University of the Sorbonne, before relocating to Los Angeles, where he acquired a thorough knowledge of cameras, optics, in film and digital cutting edge technologies. He started working in the indie circuit on music videos, documentaries, and feature films, before getting involved with VR productions.

    Additionally, he was one of the first in Los Angeles to be exposed to and gain experience with the Mantis 360, which became the go to tool to move a camera in a 360 space, and, consequently, can operate and tech the Mantis 360.

    When not working, Sébastien enjoys practicing Tae Kwon Do and taking a beating by former world champion Master Charles Kim. He also enjoys discovering local coffee shops, and plays bass guitar.