Sébastien started photography when he was 12 years old. He borrowed some money from his dad to buy his first camera, and “paid” him back by doing some household work. It was a used 35mm Minolta Maxxum 7000, and one lens, a Minolta 28-85mm zoom. Due to its young age, it was his only camera, and his only lens for a while.

    Thinking about it now, he enjoyed the idea of being able to create a smaller world inside our big world, and being able to capture it inside the time machine that photography is.

    As he searched his eye, he became much more attracted to the use of black and white 35mm and 120, that he processes himself at home. There is something about black and white that has, and will always give him a timeless sensation, making an image taken always taken just moments ago.




Reflections of Paris

    A series Sébastien captured during weekends, after his classes, at night, or early in the morning, after the rain has stopped, or behind the morning trucks cleaning the street of Paris. Sebastien earned the Public Award from the Geographical Institute of Paris for this series.

Wulu Voyage

    "Wulu Voyage" is a photo-documentary about the Wulu Elementary School of Wulu, a mountain village of the Bunun tribe of Taiwan. It is one of the last place where the younger generation of the tribe can learn what they can of their heritage, before having to move to the city and pursue the modern life.

    This Project won the prestigious Press Award of the Salon de la Photo in Paris.

Marie's Workshop Little Mysteries

    Marie is a high fashion hat designer. She is known for the extravagance of her designs, and manufactures her hats in a traditional workshop in Paris. She had a new collection inspired by the old photographs of Jacques-Henri Lartigue, asked me if I could make a series of images to assist her exhibition.

In The U.S.A.

    This is a series of places Sébastien traveled through in the US that he found of an interest. This gathers Taos (New Mexico), Los Angeles (California), And Seattle (Washington).